• Total students since 2005: 592
  • Total university graduate: 287
  • Total high school graduate: 25
  • Current university students: 153
  • Current high school students: 132
  • Graduation success rate: 100%

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​Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) is a registered charity dedicated to helping young women from rural areas of Western China to obtain an education. EGRC believes that educated women will have educated children; educating women is the key to make our world a better place.

Since 2005 EGRC has awarded a total of 512 university and high school sponsorships and the students have achieved 100% graduation rate. Not only does EGRC help to provide the financial means for these well deserving and promising students' educations, but in the last years, mentoring programs between graduates and younger students have also been set up in order to foster a spirit of connectedness between these young women, as well as to ensure the longevity of the organization. Now EGRC receives donations from its graduates every year and first time employed a graduate in 2014.

      Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on EGRC, March 2013